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1.  Are you Male or Female?
2.  How old are you?
3.  Do you get on well with people?
 Look up anti social in the dictionary, there is a picture of me
 I get on well with people I like so long as they like me
 I get on well with anyone who will talk to me
4.  Do you have any extra body parts?
 Nope, all my original body parts here
 I havn't gained any but I have lost some
 Have you been looking in my basement
5.  Which of the following do you eat more of?
6.  Do you sometimes think you have superpowers?
 Only in my dreams
 Every once in a while I am a little superhuman
 What do you mean think, I do
7.  Do you look like anyone famous?
 Only my parents
 I occasionally get mixed up with a couple of D listers
 I look so much like someone I get into clubs for free
8.  Which animal would you say you are most like?
 A Dog
 A Cat
 A Penguin
9.  Did you do well in school?
 Define well, I didn't get kicked out
 I passed my tests but I'm no mensa member
 I was great and I was the president of every club too
10.  Are you graceful?
 They don't allow me into the china shops round here
 I'm ok but not about to be on dancing with the stars
 I could be an olympic gymnist if I wanted to