Potato chip brand quiz

Potato Chip Brand Quiz

Are you a snack enthusiast with a taste for the crunchiest, most satisfying snack out there – potato chips?

Well, we’ve got a fun quiz just for you! Test your knowledge of popular potato chip brands in the United States with our quick 5-question quiz. From classic flavors to unique textures, this quiz will challenge your chip wisdom.

Think you know your Lay’s from your Ruffles? Or your Cape Cod from your Kettle Brand? It’s time to find out!

So, grab a bag of your favorite chips, settle into your snack zone, and see if you can score a perfect 5 out of 5.

Potato Chip Quiz at QuizTank.com

Go ahead, take the quiz, and let’s see if you’re the ultimate potato chip connoisseur!

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Which potato chip brand is famously known for its kettle-cooked chips?

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Which potato chip brand is recognized for its unique flavors like Sour Cream & Onion and BBQ?

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Which potato chip brand is known for its thicker, wavy-cut chips?

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Which potato chip brand has a strong regional presence in the New England area?

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Which potato chip brand is famous for its ridged chips that are great for dipping?

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