supermarket quiz questions and answers

Supermarket Quiz – Questions and Answers

Are you a savvy shopper or just curious about the world of supermarkets?

Test your knowledge with our entertaining and informative quiz about US supermarkets! From the biggest players in the industry to regional favorites and fun facts, this quiz covers it all.

Whether you’re a dedicated grocery guru or simply want to learn more about the stores where you shop, our 7-question quiz offers a delightful way to challenge yourself.

Discover fascinating tidbits about your favorite supermarkets and see how well you know the grocery landscape.

Supermarket Quiz at

Don’t wait – dive into the world of supermarket trivia and see if you can ace this quiz!

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What is the largest supermarket chain in the United States by revenue?

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Which supermarket is known for its “Everyday Low Prices” slogan?

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Which supermarket is known for its private-label brand, “365”?

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Which supermarket chain is based in Germany and is known for its low prices and unique shopping experience?

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Which supermarket chain is famous for its rotisserie chicken?

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